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aerobic kickboxing instructor CERTIFICATION

Image of Rick Wong's Certified Cardio Kickboxing Instructor Certificate.

The above is my Aerobic Kickboxing Certification awarded by Kickboxercise TM and accredited by the Australian Fitness Accreditation Council.


This is an Advanced Specialty Certification and comes with NO expiry date.


The Aerobic Kickboxing Instructor Certification certifies me to conduct specialized kickboxing classes and workouts to help my clients improve their cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, agility, coordination, balance as well as overall muscle control and tone.

With an aerobic/cardio kickboxing certification, I'm equipped to infuse more fun, novelty and dynamism into your workout sessions than ever before!


Contact Me now to learn how to incorporate aerobic or cardio kickboxing into your home personal training routine or outdoor fitness workouts today!


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