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fitness RATES and charges

Image of a variety of home functional fitness equipment.

By engaging me to work on your fitness 1-on-1, be assured that you are getting :

  • the HIGHEST level of professionalism and competence,

  • EXCEPTIONAL expertise and experience,

  • and the very BEST that your money can get.

On top of these, the following qualities set me apart from your typical, everyday trainer:

  • Master Trainer status and Senior Exercise Consultant standing in the industry,

  • Holder of multiple fitness certifications and advanced specializations,

  • Over 20 Years of real-life coaching experience,

  • Mentor to both rookie trainers and seasoned instructors,

  • Advisor to fitness start-ups and businesses,

  • Writer and Author of fitness articles, blogs, reviews and critiques

So regardless whether you're looking for Home-Based Personal Training, Outdoor Fitness Coaching or Functional Fitness Instruction - be assured that by choosing me to work alongside with you, you're opting for BOTH Quality and Value in the long run.


And more importantly, a GUARANTEED investment in your own health and fitness - that will pay for itself many times - over and over again.

Check out my current Charges/Rates*


​* Unless otherwise stated, each training session lasts for 1 HOUR

* All fees are payable UPFRONT upon confirmation of booking

* All  personal and couple training services include Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

(nutritional advice, lifestyle management & mindset conditioning) 

A)  1-To-1 On-Site Personal Training Service*


  • 10-Session Package - $1500 (Unit Cost: $150/session)

  • 20-Session Package - $2800 (Unit Cost: $140/session)

  • 30-Session Package - $3900 (Unit Cost: $130/session)

B)  Couple/Partner/Buddy Training Services*


  • 10-Session Package - $2250 (Unit Cost: $225/session/per couple)

  • 20-Session Package - $4200 (Unit Cost: $210/session/per couple)

  • 30-Session Package - $5850 (Unit Cost: $195/session/per couple)


C)  Small Group Training Services

  - maximum of 5 participants

  - participants may share out the cost among themselves

  - strictly group exercise instruction only (NO nutrition, lifestyle or mindset guidance)

  5-Session Package Cost: $800 (Unit Cost: $160/session/per group)

  10-Session Package Cost: $1500 (Unit Cost: $150/session/per group)

D)  Live-Streamed Virtual Personal Training

  • 10-Session Package - $1200 

  • 20-Session Package - $2240

  • 30-Session Package - $3120

E)  Pre-Recorded Online Personal Training


  • 10-Session Package - $960

  • 20-Session Package - $1792

  • 30-Session Package - $2496

F)  Fitness Workshops & Courses

  • Per Person  - $350*

* - 2 Hours Duration

  - Notes & Handouts Given

  - Certificate Of Attendance

  - Any Number Of Participants To Run

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