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Fitness Business Mentorship Program

Image of a fitness mentorship and consultation session taking place.

Private fitness coaching and home-based personal training have taken off in a big way in many parts of the world, and to this day, still continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

Inspite of this, it has been estimated that at any one time, as many as 4 in 5 trainers in the industry struggle to make a decent living. 

Even worse, the attrition rate for all personal trainers has been quoted to be as high as over 80% per annum in the United States alone. 


So what is holding back so many private personal trainers from succeeding despite the current boom?


There are actually numerous factors accounting for both the high failure and high turnover rate in the personal training industry today. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Lack Of Business Acumen

  • Poor Marketing Strategies

  • Inadequate Professional Training

  • Insufficient Cash Flow 

  • Poor Client Attraction And Retention Techniques

  • Lack Of Diversification

  • Improper Systems In Place etc ...

Fortunately, many of the above challenges could be addressed and remedied if assistance is sought early enough.


This is where a Fitness Mentorship Program comes into play.

With our One-On-One Fitness Mentorship Program specially-designed for private/home personal trainers, you'll be privy to the following:

  • Get connected to an industry veteran with over 20 years experience.

  • Receive advice and guidance on your specific challenges.

  • Get constructive feedback on your ideas and plans.

  • Avoid common mistakes and potholes in your career.

  • Get help in defining your own vision for the future ... and more!

Ready to work on-on-one with a Fitness Mentor?

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