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coronavirus (covid-19) updates on fitness services

Social Distancing

Updates On In-Person, On-Site Fitness Services

In line with the Singapore government’s announcement of our transition to a Resilience Phase in the nation's COVID-19 management strategy, the following are the latest measures and protocols that have been put in place with effect from 10 October 2022.


These measures are in accordance with the advisories released by the Ministry Of HealthSport Singapore and ActiveSG, as well as being aligned with the general directives issued by international fitness organizations like ACSM, ACE, IDEA etc, in addition to keeping with our own existing in-house regulations.


Please note that the following will be incorporated into all our fitness services with immediate effect:


1) On-Site Personal Training Services

All One-On-One Personal Training services have now FULLY-RESUMED and may be conducted either INDOORS or OUTDOORS.

For both indoor home training sessions as well as outdoor fitness coaching sessions, clients have the OPTION to keep their masks on or off. 

2) Other Updates & Precautionary Measures


  • All clients are strongly encouraged to be FULLY-VACCINATED.


  • Safe distancing is NO longer required between client and trainer.


  • Physical contact in the form of spotting, physical adjustments, bodily alignment etc will still be kept to the MINIMUM and used only when necessary - eg. in the interest of safety.


  • Hand Sanitizers and Antiseptic Hand Wipes will still be made available to both client and trainer, and to be used as and when needed. 

  • All clients are still strongly advised to use their own personal equipment (eg. exercise mats and resistance bands). If this is not possible, any equipment that is provided-for and used will be wiped down and sanitized after each and every user.


  • For your safety and peace of mind, your trainer/coach has also been FULLY-VACCINATED with effect from 23 June 2021, and has undergone all the necessary booster shots. ART Testing (Antigen Rapid Test) is also conducted every week as part of our safety measures and regulations.

  • Other individualized considerations and measures may also be taken and implemented as and when necessary.


  • All the above parameters will be reviewed from time to time, and necessary adjustments may be taken depending on the COVID-19 situation and further government advisories.


If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the above, please feel free to get back to me.

In the meantime, THANK YOU all for your patience, understanding and support!


Looking forward to continue working with all of you on your fitness needs and goals! 

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