coronavirus (covid-19) updates on personal training

Temporary Suspension Of All On-Site, In-Person Fitness Services

In line with the Singapore government’s latest measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, please note that all on-site, in-person training/coaching services have been  SUSPENDED with effect from 6 APRIL 2020 till further notice.


Clients who have already paid for their training/coaching services may choose from EITHER of the following options:


A)  Put On Hold All Remaining Sessions


  • Clients may choose to ‘FREEZE’ all their remaining sessions and put them on hold till 4 May 2020, or till further updates.


  • Sessions will resume only when there is a stand-down or loosening of the current measures in place.


  • The Validity Period of all affected training packages will also be EXTENDED automatically in accordance to existing service terms and conditions.



B)  Convert Remaining Sessions To Online Mode


  • Clients may also choose to convert all or some of their remaining sessions to an ONLINE mode.


  • A 25% REBATE will be given for each and every session converted to the online format.


  • This discount will be returned to the client in the form of a REFUND by the end of the entire online training period, OR, can be used by the client to offset part of the renewal fees for the next training package.



With the Online Training Option, clients can choose EITHER or a COMBINATION of the following:

1. Customized & Private PDF Exercise Program (with clear exercise instructions, accompanying illustrations/pictures and pre-recorded video demonstrations)


2. Live-Streamed Video Workouts one-on-one with your trainer!

For more information on each of the above, please click on the respective hyperlinks above. 

Upon relaxation or loosening of government measures, clients may choose to convert back to IN-PERSON coaching for their remaining sessions OR choose to continue with either/both of the ONLINE formats for the rest of their package.


In the meantime, THANK YOU for your understanding and support!


Please continue to stay home, stay safe and stay well!