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Many potential challenges face the new/novice trainer who is thinking of entering the private or home personal training industry today.

From how to get started, to how to attract potential clients, from what fitness tools/equipment to bring along, to what business documents to use, from what kind of exercise programs to offer, to how to deal with the next-door competitor, the list is practically endless.

Shorten your learning curve today by letting me help you and show you - step-by-step - how you can actually survive, thrive and prosper as a home personal trainer regardless of your experience, your location or even how the economy is doing.

With over 20 years ( and counting) juggling different roles in the fitness industry: from being a Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant, Author, Writer, to Mentor to new and up-coming fitness trainers/instructors, I believe I am in a great position to help you be the very BEST personal trainer that you can be!

Let me share with you what I have learnt through all my accumulated years of experience, and the invaluable insights, tips and habits that will help propel you  to the very TOP of the fitness industry.

Through my One-On-One Consultation/Mentorship Session, online Business E-Course or even my E-Book, you'll get the answers to all these and more:

  • How Do You Get Started ?

  • How Do You Price Yourself Correctly?

  • How Do You Market Yourself Successfully In A Crowded Market?

  • How Do You Attract More Clients To Your Business?

  • How Do You Retain Your Existing Clients For Life?

  • What Fitness Resources And Tools To Invest In?

  • How To Achieve Lasting Success In Your Fitness Career?

Ready to live your dreams and be the BEST home personal trainer you can be?

​Select your options now:

A)  Engage Me As Your Personal Mentor

B)  Sign-Up For The Online Business E-Course

C)  Purchase The Home Personal Trainer E-Book

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