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Haze Contingency Protocols For On-Site Fitness Services

Image of forest fires causing hazy skies.

In view of the HIGH risk of transboundary haze affecting Singapore in the latter half of 2023, as indicated by various media reports:

the following are the latest measures and protocols that will be put in place with immediate effect:

These measures are for ALL on-site services including:

A) When Air Quality is GOOD { PM2.5: 0-55 (normal); PSI: 0-50 }


  • All training sessions will continue as NORMAL.

B) When Air Quality is MODERATE { PM2.5: 56 – 150 (elevated); PSI: 51-100 }


  • Training sessions will continue as NORMAL.

  • Training intensities and volume may be adjusted and modified if necessary.

  • Wearing of face masks will be made optional.

  • If there is a need, sessions may be moved INDOORS.

C) When Air Quality is UNHEALTHY { PM2.5: 151 – 250 (high); PSI: 101-200 }


  • All Outdoor Training Sessions will cease.

  • Indoor/In-Home Training will become the default exercise mode.

  • Wearing of face masks will be strongly encouraged

  • Exercise intensities and volume will also be adjusted downward accordingly.

  • Workout sessions may also be converted to a NON-EXERCISE MODULE, such as either a Lifestyle Mentoring Session or a Nutritional Counseling Session if clients so wish. 

  • If clients choose to voluntarily postpone the affected session, 24-HR Notification Policy will still apply.

C) When Air Quality is VERY UNHEALTHY or WORSE { PM2.5: 251 and above (very high); PSI: 201 and above }

  • All training sessions will be POSTPONED/CANCELLED.

  • Either trainer or client may initiate the postponement/cancellation at the earliest convenience.

  • NO penalty or forfeiture of lesson will be incurred (even if it is a last-minute decision).

  • A Make-Up/Replacement Session will be arranged for the affected session/s.

D) Other Pertinent Information


  • All readings of Air Quality, PSI and PM2.5 will be based on Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) official sources.

  • The readings that are to be taken and the subsequent decisions to be made (to either continue or forgo a particular session) will be based on each client’s specific training location and/or exact locality.

  • Other individualized considerations and measures may also be taken and implemented as and when necessary.

  • All the above measures and protocols will be reviewed from time to time, and necessary adjustments may be taken depending on the haze situation and any further government advisories.


If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the above, please feel free to get back to me.

In the meantime, THANK YOU all for your patience, understanding and support!


Looking forward to continue working with all of you on your fitness needs and goals! 

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