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Home Personal Trainer Business Manual

A personal trainer with a client

Getting your personal trainer certification is akin to taking your first baby steps into the fitness industry.

However, to run an independent personal training business successfully, you will need much more than just fitness knowledge or paper qualifications alone.

Besides your certification and passion for fitness, you will also need the necessary know-how, strategies and techniques related to running a business in order to survive, thrive and prosper as a private home personal trainer.

This is where the personal trainer business manual: "Succeed As A Home Personal Trainer" comes in.

Filled with useful tips, advice and tools, this manual will provide you with everything you'll need to succeed in the fitness industry.

Written in simple, everyday language and laid out in an easy-to-use format, the chapters in this ebook cover practically everything that is applicable to running a successful private home personal training business in comprehensive detail.

Within the e-manual are also important clickable links to external vendors and sites that provide crucial services to every independent personal trainer.


More importantly, this edition also comes with customizable and reproducible business forms that can be individually-tailored, personally-adapted and easily downloaded for use in your very own personal training business!

The following is an overview of all the chapters found in this PT business manual:

  • Why This Manual ?

  • Why Should You Listen To Me?

  • How Do You Use This Manual?

  • What Is A Home Personal Trainer?

  • Is This A Good Time To Be One?

  • What Qualities Do You Need As A Home Personal Trainer?

  • How Do You Get Started?

  • Who Are Your Potential Clients?

  • What Kind Of Programs Should You Offer?

  • How Do You Go About Attracting Business?

  • How Do You Retain Your Existing Clients?

  • How Do You Deal With Challenges?

  • What Else Do You Need To Know To Succeed?

  • Where Do You Go From Here?

  • Final Words Of Advice

  • Appendices (Links & Downloadable Forms)

  • About The Author

Cover page of the Home Personal Trainer Business Manual
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