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Age-Specific Fitness Workouts


Staying active and keeping fit are vitally important regardless of our age.

However, with each passing decade, our bodily needs evolve, and what used to work for us when we were in our 20s or 30s may be now totally irrelevant or even outright DANGEROUS when we reach our mid-40s and beyond!


We all know that with aging comes along a host of physiological changes to our bodies. These often manifest themselves in the form of:

  • a decline in lean muscle tissue and bone mass,

  • a shortening and weakening of our muscles, tendons and ligaments,

  • wear-and-tear on our cartilage and joints,

  • and a general loss of overall strength, flexibility, agility and mobility.


All in all, it's safe to say that aging comes with a noticeable decrease in functional capacities with an accompanying increase in general aches, pains and other bodily discomforts.

Although it may sound all doom and gloom at this point, the GOOD News to always bear in mind is this:


It is NEVER too late to start working on your fitness!


As such, regardless of your age, you can start - TODAY - to make the most of what you have!

The following offers some insights on what you can do with each passing decade of your life:

In Your 40s

At this stage, your body's metabolism has already started to slow down and hormonal changes are also taking their effects on your body. To stay in shape, continue to keep active and aim for a well-balanced and all-rounded fitness routine encompassing BOTH resistance exercises and cardiovascular training. Don't be afraid to try out new physical activities. And aim to keep your fitness routine fresh and varied at all times.

In Your 50s

Aches and pains may start to manifest themselves more often at this stage . This is also the time to listen to your body and to make suitable adjustments and tweaks to your workouts accordingly. Go easy on your joints and continue to favour a well-rounded exercise program comprising of cardiovascular exercises, resistance work and mobility drills.

In Your 60s

You may notice that your reflexes have started to slow and medical conditions also may start to manifest themselves. In spite of these, do continue to persist with a proven and science-backed older adult fitness program and be consistent with it. At the same time - at this stage - it is vital for you to learn to respect your body's own limitations. This is NOT the time to seek new challenges or to scale new heights in your fitness program. Even as you keep active, pay careful attention to your body's bio-feedback at all times.

70s And Beyond

Anyone can still reap the benefits of exercise at this stage. Focus on MOVING your body in as many ways as you can, but aim to go slow and steady. Also, always listen to your body, prioritize rest and recovery; and most of all, ENJOY yourself above all! 

And finally, do keep in mind: being fit not only add YEARS to your life, but also LIFE to your years!

Note:  All our home personal training and outdoor coaching services here in Singapore utilize age-specific training protocols for our clients.

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