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OUTDOOR fitness Workouts

Image of a group of senior ladies exercising outdoors.

Are you sick and tired of the closed confines, stale air and artificial environment of the gym?


Are you looking for a refreshing, novel experience of working-out?


Then consider working-out in the Great Outdoors - with our Outdoor Personal Training option today!

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simply read on for some commonly-asked questions - and answers - on my Outdoor Fitness Coaching Services:

  • What Is Outdoor Personal Training?

As the name implies, outdoor personal training is taking the very concept of personal training - straight out into the open - be it a neighborhood park, a nearby stadium, or even along the beach!


Whether it's building up your stamina, improving your functional strength, or simply torching excess body fat, outdoor workouts are a great way to achieve your health and fitness goals!

  • Why Choose Outdoor Workouts?

For many - fresh air, natural sunlight, cool breeze and even beautiful scenery - are part of the attractiveness of exercising outdoors.


For others, being unshackled from the stifling confines and unhygienic environments of the indoor gym make outdoor training such an appealing option.


Such is the lure of the Great Outdoors, that for most people, once they have embraced outdoor training, they will find it ever so hard to return to indoor workouts again!

  • How Is Outdoor Personal Training Conducted?

During your initial Fitness Consultation with me, we'll sit down to identify the most convenient and productive location for your outdoor exercise regime.


Once identified, that venue will become your "home base" where your fully-customized and individualized training program will be carried out just for you!


Our training sessions will utilize a mix of your own body weight, existing outdoor physical structures, as well as other portable and functional fitness tools which I'll bring along.

All in all, get ready for an Unforgettable Outdoor Fitness Experience!

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