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Home Fitness Workouts

Image of a senior lady exercising at home.

As a middle-aged or older adult, the gym may NOT always be the best workout option for you.


Needless cost, boisterous crowds, public scrutiny, time-consuming travel etc are just some of the common hassles you may face if working-out at a  public gym or commercial facility.


However, if convenience, privacy and comfort are your TOP priorities, then In-Home Workouts may be your BEST choice after all!

With our house call and home visit services, you can now workout anytime, whenever you choose!

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simply read on for some commonly-asked questions - and answers - on Home Personal Training:

  • What Is Home Personal Training?

As the name implies, home personal training is taking the concept of personal training right into your very own living room!


Within your own home compound, you get to workout in the comfort of familiar surroundings, away from all the distractions, noise and glare of the masses.


Whether your goal is to achieve more strength, greater endurance, increased mobility or better coordination and balance, home personal training can help you achieve all of them and more!


Your training will take place right within your residence - at any available functional space - be it your living-room, your home basement, your attic or even your car porch.

  • Why Choose Home Personal Training?

Are you one who dislike crowds or the type of personalities commonly found in commercial gyms?


Or does the mere thought of traveling to-and-fro your city gym, coupled with all the hassles, stress and annoyances send shivers down your spine?


If you answer "YES" to any of the above, then home personal training is probably best for you!

With home personal training, not only can you avoid all the above fuss and inconveniences, you'll also get to enjoy the comfort, familiarity, privacy and convenience of working-out right from your home.

  • How Is Home Personal Training Conducted?

After your initial Fitness Consultation with me, I'll immediately start to work on your program design where I will tailor a fully-customized training program and experience - just for you!


Our training sessions will be conducted 100% in your home environment, using a mix of your own body weight, your existing fitness equipment and/or household furniture, as well as other portable and functional fitness tools which I'll bring along.

Your fitness progress will also be tracked and measured periodically to determine if tweaks or adjustments are needed for your continual progress.

All in all, get ready for an Awesome Fitness Experience!

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