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Functional Fitness Training

Image of a senior man doing squats at home.

As a mid-life or senior adult, being able to function optimally in your day-to-day physical activities has never been more crucial than at this particular juncture of your life.

Unfortunately, in today's world, most of the conventional fitness routines that you see out there ignore functional exercises and fundamental movements in favour of isolated body-part training.


As a result, many mid-life and older adults end up with limited fitness, and with bodies that are not only dysfunctional in nature, but also highly-imbalanced and prone to injuries.

That's why, instead of exercising purely for aesthetic or beauty reasons, we need to train functionally: to shift our focus to preparing the body to perform optimally in the Real World: for real-life activities and for everyday tasks in our day-to-day living.


This is where a Functional Fitness Program comes in.


Through it, we will learn not only to move our bodies as an Integrated Unit: where multiple muscle groups work together at the same time, performing combined movements that involve pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging, rotating and carrying; and more importantly, to also master the use of our bodies in the way as intended by Mother Nature.

So the next time you need to carry groceries home, take the trash out, tend to the garden, climb the stairs, or play with your children/grand-children, you'll be up to the task and more!


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simply read on for some commonly-asked questions - and answers - on Functional Training:

  • What Is Functional Training?

Like what has been mentioned above, functional training is basically training the body to move as Nature intends it to be,


By doing so, we ensure that our Body will be able to cope with our daily physical activities, recreational pursuits, as well as other day-to-day physical challenges - optimally and effectively.

  • Why Carry Out Functional Training?

So that the body you build is NOT just about aesthetics or looks, but capable of lasting you a LIFETIME!


And remember, whatever fitness built through functional training will have great transferable benefits to your day-to-day living and in real-world situations.

For a moment, just consider this: without functional fitness, you may have all the muscles/aesthetics in the world, but will always LACK the functionality and capability to move well and to live well in your daily life.

  • How Is Functional Training Conducted?

After your initial Fitness Consultation with me, I'll design a fully-customized functional training program for you, that will cater specially to your specific health, fitness and functional needs.

Also, you'll have the choice of doing your training sessions as part of a Home Personal Training Package or as an Outdoor Training Option.


Regardless of which environment you choose, we'll make use of your own body weight, your surroundings, as well as a slew of portable and functional fitness tools to build up your functional fitness.


All things considered, look forward to an unforgettable Fitness Experience!


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