As a mid-life or senior adult, being able to function optimally in your day-to-day physical activities has never been more crucial than at this particular juncture of your life.

And this is where Functional Fitness comes in.


With Functional Fitness, you'll learn to move and train - just as your body is meant to by Mother Nature.


In Real-Life , we often move our bodies as a single, integrated unit whenever we lift groceries, mow the lawn, climb stairs or even play with our children or grand-children.

All these physical activities also usually involve combined elements of pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging, rotating and carrying.


Unfortunately, most conventional fitness routines today ignore these basic principles of movement in favour of isolated body part-type training, resulting in a body that is not only non-functional, but also imbalanced and prone to injuries.


To build a truly functionally-useful body today, learn how to integrate real-world movements and functional training principles into your workouts today.

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  • What Is Functional Training?

Like what the above have mentioned, functional training is basically training the body to move as Nature intends it to, so that our Body is able to cope with our daily physical activities, recreational pursuits, as well as other day-to-day physical challenges optimally and effectively.

  • Why Carry Out Functional Training?

So that the body you build is NOT just about aesthetics, but is transferable into your day-to-day living and have real-world applications!

Think about it: nothing is more sad than an individual who has all the muscle/aesthetics in the world, but LACKS the basic functionality to move well and to live well in daily life.

  • How Is Functional Training Conducted?

After your initial Fitness Consultation with me, I'll design a fully-customized functional training program for you, that will cater specially to your specific health, fitness and functional needs.

Also, you'll have the choice of doing your training sessions as part of a Home Personal Training Package or as an Outdoor Training Option.


Regardless of which you choose, we'll endeavour to make use of your own body weight, your surrounding environment, as well as a slew of portable and functional fitness tools to build up your functional fitness.


All in all, prime yourself for a Fantastic Fitness Experience!


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