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Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist Certification

Image of Rick Wong's Certified Prenatal And Postpartum Fitness Specialist Certificate.

The above is an image of my Pre-And-Post Natal Fitness Specialist credentials achieved since year 20o5.


This is an advanced certificate awarded by the American Fitness Professionals And Associates and is VALID through 25 AUGUST 2025 for its current cycle.

The AFPA Pre-And-Post Natal Fitness Specialist Certification has to be renewed every 2 years, and re-certification is dependent on the completion of Continuing Education Credits (CECs) determined by the relevant organization.


Having this certification equips me with the necessary knowledge, skill set and expertise to design and conduct pre-natal exercise programs for expectant mums as well as post-natal fitness programs for new mothers.

Contact Me now if you are an expectant mother or a new mummy, and would like to experience for yourself the benefits of a private and tailored pre-post natal fitness personal training program today!

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