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Why I May Not Be The Right Trainer Or Coach For You

Having been a personal trainer and fitness coach for over 20 years, I can safely say that I had my fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows during this time.

Granted, I have been extremely privileged and honoured to be able to pursue my passion and dream of working in the fitness industry here in Singapore, and to be able to earn a decent living serving a wide spectrum of clients throughout my professional fitness career,

Indeed, my interactions and relationships with my fitness clients over these years have also helped me to understand myself better, and led me to identify who I am most suited to work with and who I can be of better service to.

So much so that nowadays, in all my interactions and communication processes with my clients - including even the initial fitness consultations with potential customers - I always make it a point to stress the importance of being a "good fit" for each other first - BEFORE committing myself to work with any individual or on any project.

And yes, that would also mean that I do TURN DOWN quite a number of coaching opportunities and business requests that I deem not being a good match to my values, ethics, fitness philosophies and working style.

I sincerely believe that by being clear with who I prefer to work with and who I don't - truly helps me to create the business that I want and empowers me to give my very best to those that I eventually choose to work with.

Having said that, the following are some of the reasons why I may NOT be the right trainer or coach for you:

1) You Are Looking For A Quick Fix

I don't do "quick-fixes"; and I never will.

In my line of work, it's not uncommon to encounter occasions where I'm asked for "shortcuts", the "fastest way" or the "quickest method" to lose weight, to gain strength, to bulk-up, or to attain any other desirable aesthetic or physical performance goal - legal or not.

Unfortunately, in this age of instant gratification, the above is all so common and even acceptable to many - going by what I've personally encountered, and by what I hear and read about in the media almost every single day!

My stand has consistently been this: "Fitness is a Journey, NOT a Race" ! To me, it's simply pointless and meaningless to look for shortcuts, substitutes and quick fixes when our pursuit of fitness should always be for its sustainability and long-term benefits down the road!

Fitness progress and success come about only when we put in both consistent and persistent efforts in ALL areas of our lives: from our personal workout sessions to our daily food intake choices, from our leisure habits to our sleep routines etc. etc. - stuff that I drill home repeatedly to all my clients day-in, day-out.

Only when the above are fully-adhered to, then would one truly get to reap the true, long-lasting benefits of a fitness program!

So if you're looking for nothing else but a quick-fix solution, then I'm afraid I'm NOT the right trainer/coach for you.

2) You Are Fixated Only On The Exercise Part Of Fitness

Fitness is so much MORE than just exercise alone!

Unfortunately, in our society, too many of us have become obsessed with only the "exercise" part of fitness, while neglecting most - if not all - of the other key factors influencing fitness!

In my line of work, I have come across individuals who think that they can:

  • "Eat/drink whatever and whenever they want" or

  • "Live however they like" or

  • "Do whatever they want to their bodies"

and get away with it all - just because they think they have a regular exercise routine to fall back on!

Sounds absurd but all so true and common!

Sadly, this belief that exercise - itself and alone - is enough to keep one fit - is totally flawed, erroneous and misleading!

In this day and age, we need to recognize that Exercise is just ONE part of the fitness equation.

Regardless how hard we workout, NO amount of effort is going to make-up for the wrong or misinformed choices that we make in our food/drink/rest/sleep and other lifestyle practices on a day-to-day basis!

That's why I make it a point in my fitness practice, to always stress to all my clients the importance of adopting a truly holistic fitness approach if they choose to work with me - where they're held personally accountable and responsible not only for their exercise regimes, but also for their dietary intake, their rest/sleep routines, and even their mental and emotional states!

So if you're only looking for an exercise prescription and NOTHING else; and you're totally unprepared to address the other fitness-related aspects of your life, then I'm probably NOT the right trainer/coach for you.

3) You Are Concerned Only About Your Outward Appearance

Much as our physical appearance do help to boost our self-confidence and self-esteem, fitness has to be MUCH MORE than just about looking good!

In fact, if one is only concerned about the cosmetic benefits of exercise and nothing else, than I'm sad to say that you are missing out the entire forest for just a single tree - metaphorically speaking!

Indeed, studies after studies have consistently shown that the wide-ranging benefits of a structured and personalized fitness program far EXCEEDS any superficial changes to our looks, physiques or vital statistics!

Throughout my interactions with clients, I always make it a point to emphasize the importance of prioritizing "Functionality first" above all else - in other words, focusing on the stuff that TRULY matters in health and fitness, like: learning to move well, to lift right, to breathe correctly, and on building real-world strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, mobility etc. as opposed to just looking good in the mirror!

And when people are able to follow and apply all the above to a tee, guess what?

Aesthetic changes AUTOMATICALLY follow!

That's the beauty of prioritizing the right things first in our fitness journey!

Thus, if your pursuit of fitness is purely just to look good on the outside and have NO other goal beyond the superficial, then I'm truly NOT the right trainer/coach for you.

4) You Are Not Open To Change

I have always believed that the path to fitness success - or as a matter of fact - success in any endeavour in LIFE itself - often hinges on being OPEN to change.

Unfortunately, as we all know, there are many among us who are so entrenched and ingrained in their own set of beliefs and attitudes - that change is practically out of the question for them.

In my fitness approach, I do require that all my trainees adopt an open mind to new and varied training methods, to have the conviction to make necessary sacrifices and modifications to their lifestyle habits, and to EMBRACE change as a constant in their fitness journey!

So if you're the type of personality who is not really receptive to new ideas or to new inputs of knowledge, or simply have the habit of resisting changes in your life, then I'm afraid I'm simply NOT the right trainer/coach for you.

5) You Are Not Fully-Committed

Success in any area of life requires FULL commitment.

That means time, effort, dedication and discipline are a MUST if you truly wish to experience a breakthrough in the endeavour that you have chosen to undertake.

Likewise, it is no different when pursuing fitness goals.

If you truly wish to reap the full benefits of a fitness program, you will need not only to take personal responsibility for all your lifestyle choices, but also be willing to be held accountable for them.

Thus, unless you are willing to be fully-engaged and wholly-immersed in the entire fitness process that I'll be walking you through, then I'm certainly NOT the right trainer/coach for you.

6) Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that you know more about my approach and fitness methodology; and taking into account your knowledge and understanding of your own self, ask yourself this vital question:

Do we make a great fit or are we an absolute no-go?

If you think there's a good chance that we are made for each other and would work well together, do feel free to book a FREE No-Obligation Fitness Consultation with me.

If not, I'll still like to wish you all the BEST in life, and may you be able to find your RIGHT trainer/coach sooner rather than later!

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